Friends of St. Bede’s Catholic School

Working with St. Bede’s Catholic School and with Bristol Education Authority to support education
and serve families within the Diocese of Clifton.

Welcome to the Friends of St, Bede’s website. St. Bede’s is a traditional, orderly and successful school with which we are immensely proud to be affiliated. Its staff make demands on each and every pupil and in turn enjoy the school’s life, vitality and humanity. Our organization serves to support the school and the local education authority inĀ all their endeavors through our fundraising and community action efforts.

The school’s core values which they preach to their pupils are: being respectful; having respect for those around you and knowing that you can only give respect, not take it, being responsible; taking responsibility for ones actions and words and accepting the consequences of one’s actions, being resilient; getting up, dusting oneself off and keeping on going whenever life beats one to the ground, and being reflective; analyzing one’s own strengths and shortcomings in order to better oneself.

Latest News

The Friends of St Bede’s news pages are designed to bring you all the latest news in the school and the local community. They are updated regularly, so visit often to find out what’s going on.

The information in the scrolling screen on the webpage gives you a brief flavor of each news item. Click on the snippet that interests you and read all about it!

The most recent newsworthy event from within the school is that a seventeen-year-old pupil, Rachel Goodmood, has been awarded a Discovery UK gym instructor course scholarship, in recognition for her outstanding performance in the school’s netball team, as well as her keen interest in physical education. This vocational training course will allow Rachel to begin a career as a gym instructor immediately after she finishes school if she wishes to.

Our organization, the Friends of St. Bede’s Catholic School, is unofficial and separate from the school and its official website, and from the local education authority. Anyone wishing to contact the school or education authority directly should do so through the proper channels. No copyright infringement is intended.